Psoriasis Of The Liver

The Mystery of Psoriasis of the Liver

Psoriasis of the liver is something most people don’t even acknowledge.  Psoriasis has only been known as a disease of the skin, but some holistic doctors have other ideas in mind.  No one seems to consider how important the liver is until something goes wrong.  Then, when a doctor mentions doing blood tests as they relate to your liver we freak out.  We hope that they will tell us everything is okay, but we don’t want to be held accountable for poor eating habits or drinking habits.

Psoriasis of the liver deeply affects the Psoriasis of the skin.  The outward appearance of the body is due to the inward activity in the body.  It would only make sense that what goes in, comes out.  When we were kids our mothers would always say “garbage in garbage out”, so what happens to your liver really isn’t any different. 

Psoriasis is a result of inflammation in the body.  Inflammation of the liver is caused when too many toxins have entered into the body.  These toxins enter the body through the foods we eat, the drinks we drink, and any chemicals that we put into our bodies as well.  The use of tobacco products is equally toxic for the body and begins to make the liver work harder.

When the liver can’t handle the influx of the toxicity in your blood, the other organs have to pitch in to help.  The skin is an organ, and it suffers frequently from not only our pollution in the environment, but it shows up as the toxins are filtered through and causes Psoriasis.  Our skin suffers because as we sweat, toxins are eliminated.  It’s pretty amazing that our skin is an outlet, but the residue that is left behind leaves a mark of its own.

The second issue that affects many patients yet they are unaware, is that Psoriasis of the liver can produce an overgrowth of yeast in the body.  When yeast is growing at a rapid rate, it can cause people to get thrush which is also referred to as “hoof and mouth disease”, it can cause Psoriasis of the skin, sinus problems and respiratory illness, yeast overgrowth in the esophagus, and last but not least for women this could mean a vaginal yeast infection.  With anyone the yeast growth can become worse with the use of antibiotics.  This is whether you are male or female, it makes no difference. 

When we eat, the food is digested and then it is filtered through the liver.  The liver then acts as a filter to process any fats, toxins, chemicals, and process the blood then returning what is clean back through your heart.  Your stomach takes the toxins that were filtered out and transfers them into the intestines where it will eventually be emptied out. 

It is so critical that the liver is clean so that the Psoriasis of the liver doesn’t occur.  The liver is not just the toxin filter it’s also the filter for many hormones and estrogen.  When the liver is inflamed by Psoriasis it won’t regulate those hormones properly, or regulate the blood sugars as it should.  The only way to ensure that the liver is functioning at its proper level and to keep it from becoming inflamed is to avoid things that we know are toxic.  Habits like drinking alcohol in excess and smoking or using tobacco products all increase the level of toxins in the liver.

The second thing that we can do to aid in ridding Psoriasis of the liver is to take better care in our diets.  Drinking one to two quarts a day of clean fresh water is critical to flush toxins from the body.  In addition to the alcoholic beverages, it’s wise to limit your caffeine.  When we know that we have a deficiency in our body and the liver is deficient in certain vitamins, we will want to add some vitamin A, D, E and K to our diets even through supplements if we can.

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