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The Facts About Your Liver and Its Function

Knowing facts about your liver is important so that you can take better care of yourself.  The liver is the largest organ in the body, and is the master filter of everything that goes through your body.  This is why it is so important that you take care of it.

Because the liver is the manager of your blood stream, it has the capacity to filter out over a liter of blood per minute.  Every medicine, toxin and natural supplement you put into your mouth is going through your liver to be distributed to other organs as well as your tissues.  Carbohydrates and fats are broken down by going through your liver, and the liver also helps break down any proteins.  The breakdown of proteins is critical because it helps to maintain a proper water balance in the body.  When the liver is unstable it will not process things properly, but when it’s functioning at its peak performance you should not be able to retain water.  Water retention occurs when the fluid is not allocated correctly to the cells and tissues, and as the water accumulates it causes the body to experience swelling.  This is why it is so important to take good care of your liver. 

The two most amazing facts about your liver are that it helps detoxify the body, and acts as an alarm system to help identify when there are bad toxins that need to be filtered away from the body.  Any toxins that go through your blood stream whether its metals or alcohol, is all filtered through your liver, so these toxins will set off the “internal alarm”, so to speak and will label the toxins as dangerous and push them away from the body.  With the proteins and nutrients that go through the blood stream, the liver identifies them as good and draws them toward the organs so that they can be absorbed.  This is truly amazing that the liver operates in such a fashion and that it is sort of a manager over the body.

These facts about your liver are also critical when knowing how to cleanse the liver.  Cleansing the liver on a regular basis prevents toxic waste from accumulating in the intestines.  The lack of cleansing of the liver has been linked to many diseases and conditions and in some cases has been referred to in books about cancer.  Doctors are finding that carcinogenic substances can be held in the intestines and destroys the healthy cells in the body.  In fact, too much estrogen backed up into the intestines will produce a very toxic environment for the liver too.  The better that we take care of our liver, the better the outlook is on our life and health.

Lastly, the liver needs to be protected much like soldiers protect the border of a country.  The liver is subject to anything you put into the body such as drugs and alcohol.  The only way to make sure that your liver is in working order is to abide by a few simple rules.  Limiting the use of alcohol is critical, and by watching your intake of it, it can lessen the chances of developing cirrhosis of the liver.  Limiting the use of drugs, and that includes prescription drugs will help keep your liver well.  The overuse of antibiotics will strip your liver of its enzymes over time.  Using antibiotics or other strong prescription drugs will destroy your liver’s lining, deeming it incapable of being able to filter any toxins in the bloodstream.  By not watching what we put into our bodies, we can make the situation worse.  If there is a need for a strong antibiotic then ask your doctor if using it intravenously is an option.  This way you are getting the medicine into your blood stream and it will be much more effective, and not as hard on your organs.  The chemical coating on medications is absorbed in the liver and begins to form a plaque on the inside and this would in turn prevent your liver from absorbing what your body needs.

These are the key facts in knowing what to do to take care of your liver, and if you don’t care of your liver it won’t take care of you.  Being in good health really is connected to knowing all the facts about your liver.

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